Our mission is to provide the highest quality in-home inspection, with knowledge, attentive care, and a keen eye. We treat each inspection equally with character; Honesty, Integrity, and Trustworthiness, making our company the number one H.I.T. in the land of enchantment.

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The Ambition It Takes To Run A Business Is More Than Just The Energy And Passion. It’s The Experience, It’s The Drive To Want To Do Your Best For The Project At Hand, It’s The Long Nights And Endless Hours, And It’s The Freedom To Do What You Want. Most Importantly It’s The Customers That Are Satisfied, It’s The Politeness And Courtesy That You Show Your Customers. It Ultimately Comes Down To Honesty, Integrity, And Trustworthiness, These Are The Characteristics That Intelligent Inspections Llc. Stands By, And Will Always Be A Part Of Us No Matter What Endeavor Or Adventure Comes Upon Us Next

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One of the great reasons to choose a home inspector is when they care just as much as you do.

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Not all inspectors are the same... "We deliver more value every time."


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